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an opinion. >> shep: thank you. half baked and dead on arrival. that is what senator marco rubio is saying a white house draft proposal that will never arrive and apparently ended up in u.s.a. today over the weekend. the florida republican is working on a bipartisan reform plan. president obama has called congress to send a bill the next few months but the white house says, he is working on a back-up plan just in case. ed henry is live at the white house. i don't know, a leak of a draft -- what now? >> reporter: basically republicans think maybe this was leaked out because the white house really wants to kill immigration reform. president has promised he really wouldn't put a plan on the table but he would let lawmakers try to deal with border security in working out the details of the path to citizenship for current illegal immigrants. senator john mccain is accusing the white house of trying to kill this. >> leaks don't happen in washington by accident. this raises the question that many of us continued to wonder about. does the president really want a result or does he want another cajo
>> bret: on the republican response, marco rubio is delivering that response. it's simultaneously translated in spanish. they are touting that. but then there is a tea party response by senator rand paul. since when did marco rubio, was he not tea party enough? isn't that interesting dynamic the republican party? >> think less about tea party and regular republican party and two people mo are possible 2016 candidates. marco rubio got publicity and a strong spokesman. we will see it tonight, eloquent spokesman for the conservative principles and the republican party. rand paul decided i will give my speech, too. >> tea party has had their own response. third year in the row. michele bachmann and herman cain. this is a preview of the first skirmish of the 2016 republican primary. >> bret: last word, charles. >> warning by the tea party factions they can always split if they want to in the future. i think the success of republicans have been holding the coalition together. a warning. not sure that anything with eventuate but a warning. >> bret: we have complete coverage of everything
senator marco rubio will give the republican response to the state of the union in english and in spanish tomorrow night. can you see it all right here on the fox news channel. our special coverage begins 8:55 p.m. eastern time. but a few hours prior, the president's pick for defense secretary will face a critical test, a senate committee there set to vote on chuck hagel's nomination tomorrow. some republicans are threatening to block him. the former nebraska senator faced some some tough questions from fellow republicans from confirmation hearing on his record about israel iran and other issues. but the white house insists tonight the nomination is not in trouble. we believe firmly senator hawlg will be confirmed as secretary of defense. since his hearing we have seen increase in the number of senators who have come out and said that they will vote to confirm him that includes republicans as well as democrats. >> bill: if he clears the committee the full senate could vote on hagel's nomination as soon as wednesday this week. los angeles police say they will continue to guard some of thei
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5 (some duplicates have been removed)